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Bükkszékfürdő fürdőfejlesztési projekt 2012


Termálstrand Kft.

3335. Bükkszék, Fürdő út 10.
Tel: 06-30-500-3437
Fax: 06-36-361-034

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Family Spa

Bükkszék won a competition for the SALVUS Bath and Spa to improve the Bath. As a result, we began a constuction of a Family Bath Center.
Proposed developments includes:
  • A brand new building construction, in which everyone can find for himself a comfortable relaxation.
  • The building will be surrounded by sun terraces.
  • In the building will take place: dressing rooms, restaurant, medical treatments rooms, children's world (adventure-equipped swimming pool, kitchen, rest room, separate toilet, diaper room), 35 to 40 person SALVUS spa pool, adventure pool (swimming lanes, whirlpool, massage jets, neck shower), wellness facilities (sauna, steam sauna, steam cabin, aromatherapy cabin) inhaler room with SALVUS water.
  • The pools will be totallychlorine free.
  • It will be possible to swim out from the building pool to the outdoor pool
  • The capacity of the building will be 220 people.

Further information from the development will be served soon.

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